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July 5, 2017
Michael Egleton Stats
July 6, 2017

untitled-design-4I am back! Many Cats thought I may have lost my way, but let me assure you, life was providing me with every opportunity to grow, learn, and share my experience and wisdom with my fans. 2016 marked a year I will never forget, and perhaps you and I will sit back after a show and exchange life’s stories, someday. For now, I will assure the world that life gave me a run for my money and a lifetime of inspiration to share, it is with renewed humility, gracious faith, and a love of music that I return with a determination to connect with my beloved fans and share my life experiences.

When it rains it pours! And my news is raining torrential blessings my way. I want to share these blessings with my fans and share some of the amazing team members that has helped me achieve my dreams as an artist and storyteller.

Let’s Dance feat Mr Bob Esterle

Is #2 Nationwide with Number One Music Radio! We’re #1 in Ohio!

at position #15 with Radio Indie International #1 in Italy!!!!

Many thanks to my friends there and my Bruh, Angelo Petruzzi.

Blue-Artists |


Power Music Promotions  | 


Cheeky Promo  |  Rupert Cheek 


And a special thanks to Kim, with Independent Artist Services

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