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Behind these Walls
July 6, 2017


This one is for the enthusiasts. An Ol’Cat with a serious dig, laying it down for the Daddyo’s and their Sassy Chicks. Grab your giggle water and meet us in the dim lights of Ohio, before we launch this tour nationally. Who would inspire such a jive intro? None other than the Jazz daddy himself: Michael Egleton. Our chops are still aching from the last gig! There is no show or sign of us slowing our roll, because when it comes to laying it down, Michael Egleton is doing it as his grandfather’s before him.

We are kicking off the year with some major movements toward success. Michael is working with Industry leaders, movers and shakers that are absolutely copacetic about his sound, ability to inspire, and excellence in storytelling.  Don’t miss the train you jive pups, we understand that Jazz is the spice of life, love, faith, and our passion.


Simply the Berries!

Michael’s inspiration is his own life and its adventures, glories, and mishaps. It aims to inspire life’s greatest adventures and soothes the deepest hurts. There is talent involved in listening to Jazz, Jazz is the story, the feeling, and the heart of the artist. Michael’s focus is concentrated on the women in his life and around the world. It is his ability to feel the ladies in his life translated into a captivating sound focused on inspiring healing and encouraging healthy love.

“If I can heal the hurt, I am doing what I set out to do. If I can inspire soft encouragement in the intimate moments of life, I have succeeded. If I can show the ladies in the world that their passion, drive, and grace is the beauty I admire in them, I have achieved my goals in music.” Michael Egleton


The Absoulute Tour:

This is it, the most grand event coming to a club near you. We are looking to spice up your night, so Gents get dapper and ladies we know you can doll up! A night on the town is long overdue for the Cool Cats that Jive and the Ladies that Inspire!  Chances are if you attend you may share in the lime light, as Michael and his management will be posting the events online. The tour is launching and clubs are receiving our press kits and invites. From the Windy City to the coastal paradise of Florida, Michael is breaking up the winter blues with some brilliant tunes. We hope to see you there, int nothing like success with friends. Please like and share our blog so you can continue to stay up to date with the growth and achievements of Michael and his team!


Article written and Submitted by:

Constance Quigley, MBA

Power Music Promotions

on behalf of Michael Egleton


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