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Michael Egleton Stats
July 6, 2017
Michael Egleton New Jazz Album Highlights the Real Stories in Life
September 28, 2017


First let me say hello and welcome to our newest artist: Michael Egleton! Michael is an award-winning Jazz/Blues/Soul artist who has taken the leap and is ready to expand his reach to new areas. It is our honor here at Powr Music to help take Michael and his amazing music to the next level.

Michael and Powr Music are proud to announce the launch of the abSOULute Tour! Starting in the Ohio area, Michael and Powr Music are making an explosive entrance onto the touring scene, grabbing audiences and venues that will be sure to “Rock the House”. The abSOULute Tour is the epitome of what it means to be soulful and is sure to grab you by the heart and help you rekindle that part of you that yearns to express the language of love.

Soul is about more than just love though, it’s about connecting, understanding and growing as a person. It is about the beauty, joy, sadness and trials of life. All of the things that turn us into the people we are. The things that we all go through and the power and bravery to share it with everyone. This is a tour that you don’t want to miss.

We are abSOULutely thrilled to be a part of this experience and we know we’ll see you there!


Mihai Grady – President and CEO Powr Music Promotions

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